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Searching for a specific rule, it shows whether an object exists. If it does, it shows what is in place and if we need to add something.

Valuable Features

In my group, we use Tufin to prove recourse. With firewalls, in terms of searching for existing rules, if we are looking for a particular rule, it shows whether an object exists, the network objects that exist. And if it does, it shows what is already in place and if we need to add something here and there. It's basically research analysis.

Improvements to My Organization

We use it for pulling your own reports, and checking the existing rule database from different firewalls from different managers.

Room for Improvement

I think they can improve the speed, although our speed issues might not be related to Tufin. Sometimes it is slow generating the reports, but I guess it depends on your infrastructure, if you have a good enough server. If you have more servers, the better.

If your infrastructure is big, and you're pulling a lot of metrics from many devices, it can be slow. But, if you add more servers, like a database service that reports are being pulled from, that speeds up the report generation a lot.

I know Tufin is great tool and can offer a lot more. I'm sure other groups or other people use it for what my group needs.

Scalability Issues

We are big, but I don't really know about scalability issues. I don't work on Tufin. I just utilize it. We just added a few more servers. In the last few weeks, the reports were coming pretty fast from busy firewalls.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I didn’t really use customer support. It's pretty self-explanatory when it comes to running reports and pulling metrics.

Other Solutions Considered

I was not part of the decision to use it.

We have not thought of using any other solutions. We have had Tufin since I joined the company.

Other Advice

It would be beneficial to get some kind of training from someone who knows the product, maybe from Tufin or someone else familiar with the product and the features. I know it can offer a lot, and you want to use its full potential.

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Area Vice President of Sales-East at a tech vendor with 201-500 employeesVendor

Thank you for your post. Tufin does provide various levels of training to its customers ranging from highly customized to On Demand self paced training covering all our modules. The latter is provide free of charge to existing customers although there is an administrative charge should you want to be certified.

22 August 16
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