Turbonomic Review

With automation, machines are moved to the most efficient host based on data that VMTurbo gathers, WAY more efficient.

Valuable Features

Reporting and Automation are the most valuable features.

Improvements to My Organization

With the reporting I am able to 'right size' my environment from the amount of cores and memory a VM actually needs to how many hosts I need to run that environment in. With automation, my machines are moved to the most efficient host based on the data that VMTurbo gathers, this is more efficient than DRS and WAY more efficient than doing this manually.

Room for Improvement

The planning feature, though they have apparently made some gains on this with the new release coming out soon. If I use the default templates, the planning feature works great, but we were recently trying to model a plan that would make all 850 VDI desktops dual core, we had some struggles getting this to work correctly but I am told this was addressed and should have no issues with the next release.

Use of Solution

7 Months.

Deployment Issues

No issues with deployment.

Stability Issues

I have had some issues from time to time with DB table errors, though not sure if it is a product issue or the storage I am on. The most recent issue came from my UCS losing connection to the LAN and the storage array briefly.

Scalability Issues

I have not tried to scale yet.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

They have been great so far, very attentive. If I have submitted a ticket, I get a response really quickly and the issue is generally fixed soon after.

Technical Support:

Great as well, any time I have had an issue they have been able to jump right in and fix it.

Previous Solutions

We were using vCenter Operations manager. I made the switch because vCops gave a lot of good info, but that was all it did. VMTurbo allows me to automate the recommendations if I choose, but it also gives me visibility into the UCS infrastructure we have VMware running on. This allows me to drill in further than what I could do with vCops at a much lower price.

Initial Setup

Very easy, just deploy the appliance and enjoy. There is very little setup that goes into this.

Implementation Team

We did this all in-house with the help of VMTurbo.


I do not have hard data to back this up, but I would say that this product has already paid for itself in the reporting that I am able to give to management, as well as automatically moving VM’s to other hosts to better perform without any interaction from my staff.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

I believe our initial investment was $25k. I don’t have a day to day number, but it is pretty low as I generally jump into it once or twice a day for 5-10 minutes to look over the main screen to see if anything is going crazy and then print off some reports for management. I have email alerting set up, but I like to jump into the main interface.

Other Solutions Considered

vCops and Foglight.

Other Advice

Just do it, it takes very little time and effort to install, and once it is the data comes in relatively fast. That data will show you immediate issues that you can address. Then set up automation to move your machines to the most appropriate hosts. After that, start digging into the planning power that this thing has, and is getting better at. I think people will be shocked at how easy this is to get going and how much information you can get from it. Spend some time really learing the workload screen as well, it is worth the time.

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