UFT Pro (LeanFT) Review

We needed to shift left to new development practices and we ended up using Selenium without native Java. We ended up switching to LeanFT because Selenium couldn’t handle all of our applications.

Valuable Features

What’s awesome about it is you can use the same language the developers already use.

Improvements to My Organization

LeanFT integrates with our developers work-flow. Our developers can now perform automation using familiar tools, programming language, and IDE. This helps get the whole team involved in test automation.

Room for Improvement

In the next release I'd like to see HP enable LeanFT to work with Sauce Labs. I know HP has their own solution, but it would be better if it were more integrate-able in the spirit of being more open-source, more friendly.

Stability Issues

We haven’t been using it that long, but it has been stable for the last month we’ve been using it. It works as advertised thus far.

Scalability Issues

Very positive: seems like it’s a lightweight solution that's not going to impact what we were already doing as it's just a "wrapper" on top of what we already do.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Haven’t had any technical support yet, but the demo team was great.

Previous Solutions

We had used a lot of different applications and we needed to shift left to new development practices. So we ended up using Selenium without native Java. Unfortunately, before LeanFT, we ran into issues where Selenium couldn’t handle the functionality of all the applications.

Initial Setup

It's very straightforward-- you just import a library like you would any other tool and go.

Other Solutions Considered


Other Advice

To me, it has to be using the same tools that the developers already use and that it fits in with their workflow. Testers should be using the same tools as the developers, making the development process easier.

Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: My blog is sponsored by tech vendors.
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Tech Lead at KPIT TechnologiesVendor

Hi Joe,

Did you get a chance to integrate the leanft tests with jenkins ? Please share your experience.


09 March 16
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