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In terms of our internal organization, it's reduced the amount of time spent doing admin activities by 50%


How has it helped my organization?

As our company's grown, we've used UiPath to automate our app end function, timesheets, invoicing, and expenses processes.

We also see with our clients that they are able to reduce headcount based on the fact that people are no longer having to do mundane tasks. We do work into claims,law companies, and document management companies. These types of organizations really see the benefit through RPA and UiPath.

What is most valuable?

I would say the most valuable features of UiPath are the scalability and the stability of the product as well as the ease of use and rapid deployment. It's easy to learn. It's easy to get return on investment when using UiPath.

We tend to see that clients tend to deploy a blend of both attended and unattended bots. This tends to balance out because the unattended bots are the ones that augment existing processes and cherry pick out parts that a human still sits doing, whereas unattended bots are probably the more valuable in terms of removing the human element altogether.

What needs improvement?

One of the major things that we've been looking forward to is around project dependencies. Previously, it's not been possible within a product to take a reusable element and deploy it as a live based piece of content, but that's now been chipped within the product. So, we're extremely excited about seeing that in there because, from our point of view where we've got many clients, that re-usability of our own intellectual property across them is going to really see some benefits for us.

How are customer service and technical support?

We find the support absolutely superb. We've had excellent responses whenever we'd had issues, either technical or around licensing. We tend to get a response within two hours, which is exceptional in the IT industry. Sometimes with other companies we've dealt with, we might not get a response for two weeks. So, they certainly rank extremely highly when it comes to support.

How was the initial setup?

It's extremely straightforward. Complexity around set up tends to come when implementing the orchestrated product and deploying live robot stakes, managing those, but again, I wouldn't describe it as a complex activity whatsoever. In terms of setting up and actually developing, that takes a matter of minutes.

What was our ROI?

From our own internal point of view, I wouldn't say we have hard and fast ROI incentive cash because it's simply free to power up and resource to doing more interesting things. I would say that once we had implemented UiPath, we saw the return in a non-tangible sense within a month. I would say it's eliminating human errors probably by about 60%.

I would say in terms of our internal organization, it's probably reduced the amount of time spent doing admin activities from a person's point of view by about 50%.

What other advice do I have?

I would rate the product nine out of ten. The rapid deployment and the scalability are huge features. The only reason I wouldn't give it a ten is because when it comes to bugs in the product, we don't necessarily get fixes  until the next release. So, there's not always a maintenance fix release.

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