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Ultimate Software Ultipro Review
Added reporting efficiency. Made it easier to share data with external vendors including our IT department for better integration.

Valuable Features:

  • Business Intelligence/Reporting
  • User Interface and functionality
  • Customizability

Improvements to My Organization:

Added reporting efficiency.  Made it easier to share data with external vendors including our IT department for better integration.

Room for Improvement:

Time management functionality and integration could be improved.

Use of Solution:

1.5 Years 

Deployment Issues:

Implementation was a long bumpy process.  UltiPro is very customizable which is great once you are implemented, but it makes it difficult to implement out of the box because a lot of work goes into making decisions about how the system will be set up.

Scalability Issues:

No - UltiPro is very easy to update and add new features which is convenient for our growing business as well.

Customer Service:

Our account manager is fantastic which makes our experience great.  She is very knowledgable and helpful with the system.

Technical Support:

I have not had much interaction with their technical support team as 9/10 times the system is working correctly.  Overall I think they are helpful and competent.

Previous Solutions:

We did - we switched because our other system was not customizable at all and we needed to customize our system.  We also needed integration with other vendors which in some cases were not an option with our old solution.

Initial Setup:

It was complex.  The implementation team keeps you on track and tells you what you need to do so there is a straightforward path, but implementing was a big task that took a lot of work to complete.

Implementation Team:

In house

Cost and Licensing Advice:

UltiPro is generally a more costly solution but some of the solutions they have provided have definitely saved us time and effort which creates a solid ROI for us.

Other Solutions Considered:

Yes - we looked at ADP and Paylocity.

Other Advice:

I think this solution is excellent and very powerful.  I would recommend that if you are not familiar, you consider using a consultant to help set it up.  It may be more costly to use a consultant, but it will be a more efficient process and to optimize the solution for faster ROI.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.


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