Universal CMDB Review

Provides visibility into IT infrastructures by automated discovery and dependency mapping

Valuable Features

- extensive GUI with many features allowing:
o broad control over inventory/discovery of standard systems, but also custom built equipment
o easy modeling of systems and applications
o easy addition of integrations with various data sources with various connection protocols
- fast (internal) "time to market" using special applications built "on top" like UCMDB Browser and Configuration Manager
- numerous and knowledgable support staff; fast turnaround on support cases
- extensive online support system, software communities and solutions resources

Room for Improvement

- can be rather expensive to implement (for smaller companies)
- can be support intensive
- requires a lot of project resources to push toward implementation
- requires a number of people to operate
- as game changing technology requires a mature IT service organization, numerous resources for project management, design, implementation, evangelization
- requires serious upper echelon management backing (sponsorship)

Use of Solution

6 years

Stability Issues

HP releases CUPS and Content Packs on a regular basis. Implementing these requires careful planning and analysis, but helps keeping the product in good working shape.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

HP customer service is usually very personal, reachable and effective.

Technical Support:

HP Software Support is a very large and skilled organization, with experience dating back decades.

Initial Setup

Setup is straightforward, but it does require planning and design.

Implementation Team


Other Advice

Large telcos with a history of mergers and acquisitions will benefit from this technology by discovering exactly which components are located where in their data centers, how they're connected and what their status is, facilitating consolidation/transformation of DC infrastructures as well as reducing mean time to resolution in case of incidents. Evaluation is a speedy process because results are visible quickly (imagine a simple scan of a couple hundred Windows servers and presenting the resulting map to a Windows SDM). Usually leads to "oh nice, can we do x or y as well?". Which is what you're doing it for initially.

Which version of this solution are you currently using?

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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