Veeam Backup & Replication Review

From a business continuity aspect it has removed the need for arranging warm-start DR arrangements.

Valuable Features

The ability to restore files in a matter of seconds or minutes depending on file size and number of files to restore. I have also used the Active Directory Explorer add-on tool for recovering AD objects this is now built-in to Veeam B&R v8.

Improvements to My Organization

We are currently using Veeam B&R to replicate our VMware environment to a disaster recovery site, in the event of a major outage we can fail-over to our DR site. From a business continuity aspect it has removed the need for arranging warm-start DR arrangements.

Room for Improvement

The main area for improvement has come in Version 8, that is native support for tape drives and the ability to archive to tape. Although Veeam B&R v7 allows you to back up your virtual servers to disks. You still need to archive those backups to tapes for long-term storage. Veeam did not provide this facility in earlier versions so we currently use Symantec backup for archiving the "restore points" for long -term storage

Deployment Issues

Initial teething problems with replication of data between main site and the DR site but this has since been resolved.

Stability Issues

No issues with stability of the product.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Good, you log calls initially using a customer portal site.

Technical Support:

Again good, knowledge base articles are available. For problems requiring a specialist - remote sessions with telephone support is made available.

Previous Solutions

We previously used Commvault which is a good product but this was based on backups of Physical Server using tapes, Veeam B&R was chosen when we made the move towards virtualisation.

Initial Setup

We had assistance from Technical Consultants as part of installation/commissioning process.

Implementation Team

We implemented Veeam B&R as part of a wider Datacentre modernization project including replacement of the SAN and physical server infrastructure. The Technical Consultants involved were introduced as a result of the tendering process, they were part of the re-seller team and were well versed in the Veeam product at the time.

Other Solutions Considered

At that particular time no as Veeam was and still is the market leaders with backup of virtual servers, other companies are playing catch-up.

Other Advice

I would say you need to think about the long term storage of data and how you intend to archive that data.You need to fully understand the concept of "restore points" and full-incremental vs reverse-incremental backups along with the pro and cons. This information is available on the Veeam website. Finally plan as much as can before installation!

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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