Vembu BDR Suite Review

Vembu as an organization failed to deliver on their StoreGrid software during the time that we used it

Valuable Features

We were looking for a product with Automatic backup replication and a product that would support MSP rebranding.

Improvements to My Organization

I wouldn't use the term 'improved' as the product implementation in the end was a complete failure. The implementation however did serve the purpose of allowing us to grow our BDR service offering from a technical perspective by seeing how things shouldn't be done and then looking at ways of overcoming these issues.

Room for Improvement

The vendor support service. Operating out of India and not really taking into account the time difference for support tickets meant we were getting responses to our support requests at midnight, when no one was at work to be able to address them. High priority issues which should have at most a 2 hour SLA were not responded to because the support service was not 24x7. The vendor support SLA for this product was terrible.

Use of Solution

We used it for 12 months.

Deployment Issues

The Linux based deployments were fairly easy to manage, however the constant updates were annoying. The MYSQL databases would corrupt themselves which then required a support technician to resolve. Backup jobs would report as have run successfully and then when we checked the data the job had only run for 1 minute

Stability Issues

There were issues with the software's ability to handle low bandwidth connections such as ADSL. There were stability issues with running the software on both windows and linux, the advancements of the updates to resolve issues would fix some issues and then create more which points back to issues with Quality Assurance.

Scalability Issues

The service was able to handle our requirements from a scalability perspective. There were no issues with being able to scale the product upward, however the demands of the software on the hardware CPU would require that the supporting backup server hardware would need to be improved as demand increased.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Extremely Poor. There were no real SLA's available and when we tried to contact our Account Manager for the product they would not respond sometimes for 5 hours after we contacted them.

Technical Support:

When they eventually responded they were actually very knowledgable on the product.

Initial Setup

Slightly complex, as the installation requires MySQL which is not native to windows so running on windows or Linux requires knowledge of command line for MySQL.

Implementation Team

In-house, we were required to know the product to be able to support it as much as possible prior to engaging vendor support.


About $50,000 of lost revenue due to Research and Development Capital expenditure and Labour to setup, we never got the product into a position where it was profitable.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

The original setup cost was supposed to be around $25,000 of R&D investment. We are not using this product anymore, it was never profitable for us. I don't recommend investing the time into pursuing this product.

Other Solutions Considered

No this one was chosen based on price and rebranding potential.

Other Advice

Look at Dell App Assure.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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