Verix Review

Verix creates “dynamic” data which helps us predict future sales trends & identify vulnerable points in the sale process

Valuable Features:

The key performance indicators to measure the health of our sales funnel

Improvements to My Organization:

Improved forecast capability, increased return on investment for marketing leads, identify and share best practices more quickly

Use of Solution:

More than a year

Stability Issues:

No issues with stability

Previous Solutions:

Previously we were using a solution called Business Information Warehouse, and another called Tableau. Neither was as easy to use or as advanced as the Verix solution.

Initial Setup:

Straightforward; Verix built a working model of our dashboard and we provided real-time feedback and input throughout the process; they made changes almost as fast as we gave them feedback.
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Database Manager at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employeesConsultant

In my opinion, Taleau and Verix can’t be compared with each other. Verix is an industry dependent tool that has been created specifically for pharmaceutical drug launches. While Tableau is an industry independent tool that has been created for all type of industries and all type of business needs.

24 April 14
Entrepreneur, Consultant, Investor at a software R&D company with 51-200 employeesConsultant

Right, Verix is a Pharma specific solution with a suite of analytic applications to manage a wide range of commercial processes within the Pharmaceutical market. Applications range from Pre-Call Planning to Managed Markets Analysis, Sales Performance, Brand Management and as you have mentioned, Drug Launches. They are pre-built, have domain expertise and ready-to-go, whereas in Tableau each view needs to be created from scratch, leading to longer implementation time and resource commitment.

14 May 14
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