Vertica Review

I like the Query Performance.

Valuable Features:

Query Performance.

Room for Improvement:

More analytical functions. Optimization around DML operations such that we be able to use it more. I understand that Vertica is not meant for that, but I would really love it if it has capability to support procedural processing.

Optimization around DML refers to fast DELETE and UPDATE statement such that we can leverage Vertica around those operations. I do understand that Vertica is not meant as an OLTP system, neither I'm asking to have it similar but if DML operations can be optimized, that would be admirable.

Regarding, my comment on the capability to support procedural processing - Vertica as of now is mainly used via SQL only. If we have to use any procedure based operation, we do it via User Defined Functions. If within Vertica itself, we have the capability to create & execute procedure similar to that for functions, it would be a plus. Again, I do understand that this may be against the architecture of Vertica but if there is anything that can be revised to get these supported, that would be preferred.

Use of Solution:

3+ years

Deployment Issues:

Initially yes, but now we're used to it. Challenges do come up but it's all well understood.

Stability Issues:

We had confronted couple of issues during Vertica upgrades for which we do align with your support group.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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