Vertica Review

​Data Warehouse response times have decreased​. It doesn't support stored procedures in the way we are used to thinking of them.

Valuable Features

Speed in query in general and specifically in aggregate functions on multi-million rows tables.

Improvements to My Organization

Data Warehouse response times have decreased of one order of magnitude with respect to the previous solution (SQL Server + Oracle).

Room for Improvement

Sadly, it does not support stored procedures in the way we are used to thinking of them. There is the possibility to code plug-in in C++, but that's out of our reach. Correlated sub-queries are another point where we'd love to see enhancements, plus the overall choice of functions available. ETL with SSIS was not as easy as one we had expected (must remember to COMMIT and we had some issues with datetime + timezone, but that's was probably our fault).

OleDB and .NET providers need some touches; and another great improvement would be support for Entity Framework, which so far I haven't seen.

There is no serious graphical IDE for HPE Vertica, that's frustrating. One free option available is DbVisualizer for Vertica, but it's a bit basic.

Use of Solution

One year.

Stability Issues

We have a one node cluster on Red Hat and last week the DB went down. The setting to restart the database is not very intuitive and by default the DB does not restart alone.

After a reboot, which may be good in some environments, but leaves you with an insecurity feeling.

Scalability Issues

Our DB isin in the tens of Gigs, we did not need to scale yet.

Customer Service and Technical Support

N/A, not used.

Previous Solutions

We had SQL Server, switched for money reasons and space. But we're not sure yet, SQL Server is way more stable and predictable.

Initial Setup

No, the documentation is scarce on non standard setups. We had to create a virtual machine locally, set it up and then upload it to AWS.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

We use the free community license, plenty of space for our environment. If I had unlimited budget I'd buy a preinstalled instance on EC2, much faster, but costly.

Other Solutions Considered

Netezza, but I didn't like it. For no particular reason, but the feeling was not right. Redshift - I was not impressed by the performance. Google Big Query - we tried it.

Other Advice

Do COMMIT, and enable/enforce constraints because by default they ARE NOT!!!!

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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