Visual Paradigm Review

Easy images from diagrams for reports and docs are valuable features, but I'd like to see sharing come built-in.

Valuable Features

Easy images from current diagrams for use in reports and architecture documents.

Improvements to My Organization

Like any reasonable Architecture Tool, it produces standard views and allows passing a file with work in it to others.

Room for Improvement

Many missing diagram formats, incomplete support for DoDAF, ToGAF and similar, sharing should come built in to the product and not be like so many other architecture tools where any time you need some it is at additional cost.

Use of Solution

2 years.

Deployment Issues

No issues with deployment.

Stability Issues

Not significant with current versions.

Scalability Issues

No built in teamwork.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Online support is very lacking and appears to be an entre' for paid support.

Previous Solutions

Used Rational Rose and Systems Architect in the past. Moved to a new company where this was the standard.


Reduces time and provides better products than PowerPoint engineering.

Other Advice

Get a bundle deal from the vendor with teamwork built in.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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