VMware AirWatch Review

The solution offers a great deal of management for devices. But, the level of support still needs improvement

Valuable Features

The Organization group approach they have taken to manage both Device and Administrative access

Improvements to My Organization

It has help in providing administrators with a way to separate devices based on business use cases.

Room for Improvement

There are currently canned reports that provide a a great deal of device detail. But, there could be room for the solutions to allow for custom reporting for ad-hoc reports

Use of Solution

3 years

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

This is an area that could use some improvement. we have had a few incidents where the level of support was not what it was pictured to be.

Technical Support:

There are a lot of very skilled engineers well versed in all aspects of the solution.

Previous Solutions

We have used multiple solutions. We are responsible for service delivery so we are expected to be familiar with the main players in the industry.

Initial Setup

It depends. On-prem is a lot more involved than SaaS. There are a lot of moving parts for the on-prem version of the solution that can be consolidates if it is the desire of the client/customer.

Implementation Team

Vendor. We have had a great experience with all of our current clients.

Other Solutions Considered

Yes, MobileIron, MaaS360, Blackberry, XenMobile, Afaria, Soti, Good.

Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: partner
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