VMware AirWatch Review
​Have a long term plan in place and spend more time on designing the solution before rolling out

Valuable Features

AirWatch has one of the best User Interfaces and it's quite easy to figure out where particular items are within the menu system.

They have good functionality across all the major platforms, too.

Improvements to My Organization

It has allowed employees to access their apps from their mobile or tablet while on the go, essentially freeing them from their old desktop workstations.

Room for Improvement

There is a lack of a real developer community. AirWatch doesn't seem to empower IT admins to try new things or get creative with implementations. They are more happy to sell you one of their support subscriptions.

Use of Solution

I've used this solution for six years.

Stability Issues

Some features like the AirWatch Launcher on Android can be very quirky.

Scalability Issues

The enrollment process on Android devices has always created challenges with scalability.

Scalability on iOS is seamless if you have developed a try zero touch build via AirWatch's integration with Apple's DEP and VPP deployment programs.

Customer Service and Technical Support

A three out of 10.

Previous Solutions

I manage Mobile Iron environments as a professional service. Through previous roles, I also have had exposure to InTune, SOTI MobiControl, and IBM MaaS360.

Initial Setup

Not particularly, they are all evenly matched here.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Don't make compromises when enticed by enterprise license agreements for other products that may include their own MDM for a substantially low price.

You should take out a dedicated license agreement of your MDM fleet and invest heavily in innovating in this space. I've seen many companies that buy into MDM and don't make a continued investment in evolving their use cases.

Other Solutions Considered

Zen Mobile, Good, Silverback, and MobileIron.

Other Advice

Have a long term plan in place and spend more time on designing the solution before rolling out. Never lose sight in what your key motivators are, whether it's enablement, scalability, security, or governance.

Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer:
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