VMware Horizon View Review

Once a user finishes with a training computer, we can rebuild it again without worrying about security or viruses.

Valuable Features

It’s easy to maintain with the recompose feature. It makes my job easier, as I can update and break the computers, and then rebuild them immediately.

Improvements to My Organization

It's basically setting up our training computers much more easily than before – once a user finishes, we can rebuild them again, and we don’t have to worry about security or viruses.

Room for Improvement

For what we are using it for, it's been very good. I see a lot of needs, but because our environment is constricted for now it meets our needs. If we can go into a cloud environment, then I see a lot of things I would need.

Deployment Issues

It's easy to deploy.

Stability Issues

Very, very good. Reliable, so far I haven’t had any major issues or breakdowns.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I haven’t dealt with it since the product is so simple to use, and the deployment was not too complex. VMware support in general is very good.

Previous Solutions

We were using Citrix, and Horizon had better features and was easier to adapt. Our Citrix environment was getting old. Also, tech support was a key to change.

Initial Setup

Very simple.

Other Solutions Considered

We only looked at VMware.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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