VMware Horizon View Review

Our students can now access our software remotely without VPN, though I'd like the option to use View Persona without paying more.

Valuable Features

  • The concurrent user license model, which allows our students to use it without being named users.
  • The security server that allows them to remotely access their virtual desktops without VPN access.
  • Non-persistent/link clones are important because students login/logoff, and virtual desktops are refreshed back to a state that’s pristine for the next student.
  • Very eco-friendly because there are no physical desktops to use electricity.
  • Zero Client as endpoints use only one watt (our buildings are platinum-level green and we need low electricity consumption to maintain that level).
  • Improvements to My Organization

    In the past, students had to physically go to labs to access software, but now they can access them from any device anywhere, and don’t have to login via VPN because of the security server part of Horizon.

    Room for Improvement

    View Persona, it’s been pushed to the wayside because they acquired UEM, and I’d prefer to use it, but have no budget for it. View Persona has less features than UEM, and it doesn’t seem updated, which makes a difference for standard edition users.

    Stability Issues

    It is stable, but it depends on the use case. For us, we use it to allow students to access their desktops anywhere, at anytime. We just use the standard version, not the full enterprise one. We would like to go enterprise, but don’t the have budget for it. But, the standard version has been stable and addressed by support and updates. No issues that would cause us to turn away.

    Scalability Issues

    Recently had issue with the 3D application performance with the release of 6.1, and added VGPU support. All we had to do was add hardware (Nvidia K1 cards).

    Customer Service and Technical Support

    It's responsive, but a few times we had issues with their tech knowledge and troubleshooting steps. We had to escalate the issue and then it was resolved.

    Initial Setup

    It was complex, and many facets on the networking side sit on top of vSphere, with multiple composer engines, and connection servers.

    Other Advice

    It loses points becuase I can’t take advantage of enterprise stuff. You should do a POC to make sure it fits the use case, three to four month period, and make sure you involve your networking team.

    **Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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