VMware Player Review

Stable and free virtualization tool with support for running multiple operating system platforms

Valuable Features:

VMware player is one of the free virtualization tools available in the market. It provides you a sandbox environment to install and play around with almost any Operating System. VMware has support for sharing folders between the guest operating system and the host operating system, which can be very easily configured using the drag and drop feature. Another remarkable feature seen only in VMware is that, you can easily copy and paste files/text etc from one VMware guest to another VMware guest, both running on top of a single host. This feature is generally not available on other Virtualization tools like Virtualbox. Specifically targeted for heavy users who basically need a reliable and a powerful virtual environment to test new software or try new operating systems. Supports multiple OS platforms like Windows, Linux, Macintosh etc.

Room for Improvement:

VMware player does not allow to create snapshots of a guest system. You can use snapshots to store the current state of an operating system using and later can restore to the same state. VMware player has a very high memory footprint and requires a lot of memory for running multiple operating systems under a single host system.It is very limited in terms of the number of features supported e.g. it does not allow you to create new Virtual Operating System images.

Other Advice:

VMware player is a very good alternative for those who want a stable and free virtualization platform that can be easily run in various Operating System platforms like Windows, Linux, Macintosh etc. Folder sharing between guest and host can be easily configured in VMware. Though creating a new virtual operating system is not allowed in VMware Player and you will have to upgrade to the commercial virtualization tool, known as VMWare WorkStation.
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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If you are using VMPlayer for multiple guests, make sure you have enough CPU and memory on your computer, otherwise you will find your computer using 100% CPU and memory.