VMware SRM Review

It provides us with business continuity and disaster recovery, although it's not fully storage agnostic and there are versioning issues.

Valuable Features

It’s expensive, and we also use Zerto, but good for disaster recovery testing.

Improvements to My Organization

Business continuity and disaster recovery, although it’s not fully storage agnostic like Zerto, and we’ve moved away a bit because we use other services for our clients.

Room for Improvement

I haven’t yet checked out latest version because we’ve been moving away from it, stuck using it for replication clients and it doesn’t work with all storage vendors. There are issues with versioning.

Stability Issues

It works great, and does what it’s supposed to. Easy to do disaster revovery test without affecting production.

Scalability Issues

It's easy to scale, just limited to storage vendors.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Never needed it.

Initial Setup

It’s a little complex. Just follow the instructions, but it’s not too complicated once you get connectivity, and it requires multiple vCenters, so that can make it more costly.

Other Advice

Zerto may be more cost efficient, so I’m not 100% sold, and may not need it at all.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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author avatarChris Childerhose
ExpertTop 5Real User

If you get it paired with a storage vendor that is supported the SAN level replication with the failover is really good. We have it paired with Nimble arrays and it works very well.

author avatarit_user250251 (Senior Systems Engineer with 51-200 employees)

cchilderhose, that is true, but we are a service provider and not all customers will have the same brand storage or vCenter version. Hence the reason to use another solution that meets our customers needs.

author avatarChris Childerhose
ExpertTop 5Real User

That is very true as well. I guess it all depends on customer requirements and build. It is a very good product though and I am sure there are alternatives out there.

author avatarRoger Nurse
Top 5LeaderboardReal User

SRM is for more higher end customers that can afford to pay for DRaaS. I would think Zerto is much more affordable. For most part Netapp and EMC storage work well with replication. Failover when pre-planned out properly can be seamless recovering some customers entire business in less than 2 hours in some cases. Customers have shown confidence in SRM but its often because the 3rd party DR provider has the expertise to bring out all the value in using SRM.