VMware vRealize Operations (vROps) Review

The reporting is the product’s most valuable feature.

Valuable Features

The reporting is the product’s most valuable feature. It's for customers; they want to show some sort of reporting to their superior, and you can have those easy-to-read meters. You can find out easily where the problem is.

Also, you don't have to be an expert, you can just read the meters. If they're red, you have some problems; if they're yellow, you have to pay some attention; and if they're green, you're good. It’s user friendly.

I also like the indicators.

Improvements to My Organization

It kind of limits the finger pointing. If you have some problems in the virtualized environment, and it's not clear which area has the problem. We might have said something like, "Okay, network guys take a look, and then server guys, and storage guys." The individual departments would then say something like, "I don't have any problem, it's probably another department."

Room for Improvement

The product is really quite solid. For example, I think the UI is okay. It is easy to read. It's intuitive; you don't have to know all the technical stuff. When you drill down, you have to really know some stuff. I’d like it to be easier to drill down.

I also would like to see integration with BMC.

Stability Issues

Actually, I don't think we had any problem with stability, ever. If you set it up correctly, you likely won't have any problem.

Scalability Issues

I think scalability is quite good. We have a couple hundred of VMs.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We have not really used technical support in terms of vROps, but more on the other things, such as ESX. They were very helpful.

Initial Setup

Initial setup is quite straightforward, but you do have to find out some things. There is the step-by-step process, but it’s not just clicking Next and OK. You have to set-up some things. If you’re using virtual appliances, you have to know what to do in those appliances.

Other Solutions Considered

For virtual environments, I have not compared it with products from other vendors. I think it's better to go with vROps because they have some bundles. Who knows virtual infrastructure with VMware vSphere better than vROps?

Other Advice

Go with vROops, because it's easy to use.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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