VMware vRealize Operations (vROps) Review

Extend VMware vRealize Operations Through Blue Medora True Visibility Suite

What is our primary use case?

For most data center operations teams, it is pretty hard to get a comprehensive view of what’s going on in their IT ecosystem. Virtualization and cloud service abstractions have made cross-platform relationships between different layers of the IT stack more complex. Heterogeneous, hybrid environments are the norm. IT pros have found visibility to be the #1 challenge facing operations teams. VMware Blue Medora management packs aggregate operations data from the leading server, storage,compute and database applications into vRealize Operations for rich analytics and helped to achieve full stack view of the environment.

How has it helped my organization?

Using VMware vRealize Operations with Blue Medora TVS helped to centralize data center operations monitoring platform. By adding the True Visibility Suite, its helped to monitor  applications, database, virtualization/cloud, compute, network and storage using one monitoring platform.

What is most valuable?

All the Blue Medora vROps management packs have features like:

· OOTB dashboards

· Collected metrics

· OOTB Reports

· Alerts and recommendations

· External relationships

· Capacity planning

  • Reduced cross-team friction by eliminating MTTI hunts through, siloed infrastructure tools.
  • True Visibility customers can see up to 50% reduction in time for root cause
  • Cleared up alert storms with built-in policies that disable alerts for your dev environment and other less-critical resources.
  • Increased tier I app availability up to 50% by pinpointing problems faster and more accurately with dependency-aware dashboards.
  • Were able to drill down to native-tool detail to find noisy.

What needs improvement?

One missing component was the integration of Log Insight and vRealize Business within vROps. But, with the new version of vROps (v6.5 & v6.6), this requirement was also met with, as the other products in vRealize Suite are now fully-integrated.

For how long have I used the solution?

More than five years.

What do I think about the stability of the solution?

As such, no stability issues were experienced from vROps during deployment, configuration, and the collection of metrics and data into the platform. 

What do I think about the scalability of the solution?

The client decided to add an additional node to increase the capacity and resources within vROps analytics cluster so it could support the additional metrics collection process. You can scale vertically or horizontally.

How are customer service and technical support?

I have received excellent support from VMware & Blue Medora support team.

How was the initial setup?

Yes, Engineered by Blue Medora and validated by VMware, the True Visibility Suite included an extensive knowledge portal and includes 24/7/365 individualized technical support

What about the implementation team?

It was implemented in-house

What was our ROI?

By using vROps plus Blue Medora TVS you can Maximize Performance, Minimize Investment
Reduce the IT tools, eliminate silos and boost IT productivity by up to 67%.

• Deploy in minutes without additional services or expertise.
• Maintain performance, reduce administration with agentless design.

What's my experience with pricing, setup cost, and licensing?

The True Visibility Suite is available in three editions: Standard, Advanced and Enterprise. 
These packages align with the various infrastructure teams, and offer a convenient
way to pick the best package that applies, without being tethered to just one vendor or
device type.

Which other solutions did I evaluate?

There were a couple of options that we considered, like Microsoft SCOM and SolarWinds, but the level of monitoring and dashboard visibility wasn’t there.

What other advice do I have?

  • Conduct workshops and capture monitoring requirements at a high level; document and understand the customer's requirements. 
  • Study the customer’s infrastructure, as it will be useful during the implementation stage.
  • Align the customer's requirements, so that all the required systems are monitored in the vROps platform.
  • Work out the network firewall rules that are required to configure vROps.
  • Use the vROps sizing guidelines and sizing guide spreadsheet prior to vROps deployment.
  • Deploy the remote collectors for bigger environments as it puts less load on the analytics cluster.
  • Post deployment of vROps, you should create a full-stack relationship dashboard, as it helps to identify issues at various tiers in a typical 3-2-1 type environment.
  • Make use of role-based user account management.
  • Avoid taking snapshots or backups of vROps nodes during DT window.

Which deployment model are you using for this solution?


If public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud, which cloud provider do you use?


Which version of this solution are you currently using?

6.x +
**Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: VMware and Blue Medora are Technology Alliance Partners. VMware is also an investor in Blue Medora.
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