VMware vSAN Review

We can scale as needed since we're not required to buy an entire monolithic solution up front, though I'd like to see software-based disk-level encryption in the next release.

Valuable Features

The ability to scale as you need – we can start with a very small footprint as opposed to a monolithic storage solution where you buy the entire solution up front. We use everything – Hitachi, NetApp, but we're using it more and more because we can start small and scale as you need. Cost saving essentially.

Room for Improvement

I would like to software-based disk-level encryption in the next release. We deal a lot with the Department of Defense, and arms and munitions government-regulated stuff, so we would like to see more. From their roadmap, I see its coming but it has been an impediment.

Stability Issues

It's not quite there yet. We've had a few outages that were addressed. It's not 100% there yet -- give it another six months.

Scalability Issues

Scalability is why were using it – especially with v6. Any scalability issues we had, were addressed.

Customer Service and Technical Support

It was excellent. The response time was great, and as we're a large customer so we had no issues.

Initial Setup

Initial setup was not difficult to do at all.

Implementation Team

We implemented on our own.

Other Solutions Considered

We have played with Nutanix but it wasn’t there yet – VSAN is more attractive because it operates kernel level, as opposed to Nutanix.

Picking a vendor also depends on which segment is looking – I run most of the IT stuff and to me peer reviews are very important. Others within our company look to Gartner.

Other Advice

I would say that the main reason its attractive is that you can grow as you need. The other thing that makes it especially attractive is that from an IO perspective, VSAN has the better ability to perform more efficiently because it operates within the hypervisor. It's VMWare specific so that can be a downside. But for pure VMWare shops, VSAN is the best option in my opinion.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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