VMware vSAN Review

We didn't need a special network or any hardware -- just add a new NIC. Backups are not easy, however, as it's distributed storage and you must be careful not to make a host unavailable.

Valuable Features

  • Easy to set up
  • Very Fast
  • Good investment
  • Surprised at beta ration
  • Works very well

Improvements to My Organization

  • Price
  • We don’t need special network or hardware, just add a new network card
  • If you have 10GB, you can just go with vSAN
  • All-flash gives improved performance over hybrid, and competes with other solutions
  • If combined with Horizon, it lowers the price of solution

Room for Improvement

  • Better integration with VMware DOS
  • vBackup with vSAN is not so easy, because it's distributed storage so must be careful not to make host unavailable.

Deployment Issues

I tried to install it on one cluster and the host got stuck.

Stability Issues

Awesome stability.

Scalability Issues

  • Awesome scalability, especially when combined with vSphere 6
  • With vSphere 5.5, limited scalability

Customer Service and Technical Support

  • In beta, no technical support
  • Great fourm support

Initial Setup

Very easy, just a few clicks. You don’t need special knowledge of storage .because it can be fully automated or you can set it manually if you want

Other Solutions Considered

There are a few products on the market. vSAN has lots of competitors, but if you want to play with a single software provider, go with vSAN. However, if you want more hardware, maybe go with Nutanix.

Other Advice

They lose points because its tricky to fully understand.

**Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: We're a partner
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