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VMware vSAN Review
The local server can access data at full speed and have low-latency in SSD. There should be an option to create more than one datastore.

Valuable Features:

Some of the valuable features of this product are:

  • Software-defined class which is one of the building blocks for SDDC.
  • Flexible – It scales as and when needed.
  • Simple – It is easy to manage.
  • Performance – The local server can access data at full speed and have low-latency in SSD.
  • Since there are no network-attached storage appliances, the infrastructure cost is lower.

Improvements to My Organization:

It has helped us in reducing the waiting time to provision new storage devices and meet customer SLAs in order to build new VMs.

Room for Improvement:

Some areas where this product can be improved are:

  • If we could create multiple datastores rather than a single one, it would be helpful. 
  • There could be improvements in the hardware failure and data recovery methods.
  • There should be an option to create more than one datastore like other SDS vendors have in order to allow the features to support Storage DRS & Storage I/O Control (SIOC).
  • A control panel for VMs is absent. Although, other vendors are deploying this for each host to provide better storage control.
  • A typical data center for installation of systems requires more storage growth than servers. This limits the scalable features of vSAN.

Use of Solution:

I have used this solution for around 14 months.

Stability Issues:

We did see some backup failures due to .vmx lock files in the vSAN datastore.

Scalability Issues:

We have encountered some scalability issues and got a couple of performance tickets.

Technical Support:

The technical support from VMware is good.

Previous Solutions:

We were not using any other solution previously. This is our first attempt at the software-defined storage system and Nimble is our product for testing purposes.

Initial Setup:

It was straightforward. There is a single checkbox if the prerequisites are met with.

Cost and Licensing Advice:

The pricing policy varies as below:

  • vSAN Standard is still priced at $2,495/CPU or $50/desktop.
  • The Advanced Edition license is priced around $3,995/CPU or $100/desktop where as the Enterprise license is priced at $5,495/CPU or $120/desktop.

Other Solutions Considered:

VMware brought this is as free upgrade, so we did not evaluate any other options but Nimble is the next one.

Other Advice:

vSAN 6.2 has lot of new features which can be good for small and medium-sized servers & VDI infrastructures.

Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: I am a VMware Premier Reseller and Service Provider.


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