VMware vSphere Review

VMware Server: Still one of the best virtualization tool

Valuable Features:

VMware Server is a free, easy-to-use Windows and Linux application that provides a superior introductory experience to server virtualization for businesses to optimize utilization of their technology assets. Below mentioned standout features explains why VMware is so popular among all virtualization software's: •You don’t need to configure your hardware: VMware installs on top of existing OS, you don't really have to worry about configuring hardware to work with it. • Simple and basic Installation: VMware has done a great job making it easy to install. • Web-based management interface: Manage your VMWare installation via Web browser. • Large support for guest operating systems: Every version of Windows and many Linux distributions are supported.

Room for Improvement:

1. In January 2010, VMware announced the End of Support for VMware Server with support ending on June 30, 2011. Users are free to continue using VMware Server but are recommended to migrate to another VMware offering to gain the benefits of newer technologies. 2. Additional Layer affect performance: Machine's own operating system sits between the hardware and virtualization software- meaning it isn't one of those bare‐metal virtualization products that you install directly on the server. The result is that a portion of machines capability isn't available to your VMware server because it’s devoted to running the underlying operating system.VMware is also known for the below given features : • Supports two-processor SMP systems and enables single virtual machine to span multiple processors: Allows you to take advantage of multiprocessing. • Virtual state capture : Capture your virtual machine’s state so if a problem arises you can roll back to a previous state. • Easy migration path to other VMWare products : upgrading to a different product is easy.

Other Advice:

All these features mean that VMware Server is a great platform for personal experimentation or light business use. I've personally had a VMware Server host with a couple guest machines running continuously since 2009.
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Thank you for this good review and for the advice. Do you know if I can import OVF formatted virtual appliances?

author avatarit_user113166 (Engineer at a tech services company)



OVF is a full VM so there is a number of links so check them all OVF work with ESX the kb goes into how to work with ESXI