VMware vSphere Review

It gives us the ability to manage thousands of servers from a centralized point because it supports migration between hardware and consolidated workloads.

Valuable Features

  • The HA functions
  • vSphere Distributed Switch

Improvements to My Organization

It gives us a good consolidated overview of hundreds or thousands of servers at a time.

It gives us the ability to easily manage those from a centralized point, and a lot more reliability because we can easily migrate between hardware and consolidate workloads.

Room for Improvement

The web client, the GUI, could use some improvement. It’s pretty clunky and slow. Some things are only available in the web client, some are only available in the fat client so it would be nice to have them in both in one interface.

Use of Solution

I've used it for about two years.

Deployment Issues

No, we’ve been using vSphere for a long time so we’re quite familiar with it, and we have a good relationship with VMWare. Deployment was easy.

Stability Issues

We don’t see many crashes, if any, on the vSphere side.

Scalability Issues

Again, it’s simple as popping extra hosts in. Quite easily scalable.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

They’re very good. We’ve got a good relationship with VMware, and they’re always available - they give us previews on upcoming tech or quickly connect us with someone we need to speak to.

Technical Support:

It’s good. It’s usually quite easy and quick to log calls and get support services. The vSphere client has a built-in means of pulling logs which logs which we can send directly to VMWare technical support. We can get tier two or three support quite readily.

Previous Solutions

Not since I’ve worked here, so at least 10 years. We started with vSphere.

Initial Setup

It kind of depends; we work with a number of different customers. It’s relatively straightforward, but for complex implementations there can be some complications. They publish all of the necessary installation information so it’s quite easy to find support for deployment.

Implementation Team

We do it in-house.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

It’s not something I really deal with as an engineer. Because of the types of service we offer, we don’t sell customers vSphere licensing.

Other Advice

I’d grab the software from their site - you can deploy it and use it for 60 days free of charge, so whether you’re doing a large or small deployment try it out and see if it works. You can also engage with technical support services. The software is free, so grab it and play with it.

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