VMware vSphere Review

I'm able to single-handedly manage 22 virtualized servers on one set of hosts, and the DR helps me bring systems back up.

Valuable Features

As a manager, it’s easier for management, as I don’t have a lot of physical servers with them possibly failing. I’ve been slowly getting all the servers virtualized by adding more hosts.

Improvements to My Organization

The disaster recovery solution is so much better to use, to bring systems back up. I’m one person, so I’m managing 22 servers on one set of hosts, and it’s so much easier when I can do it on just one.

Room for Improvement

I don’t think we're large enough to use it like some other firms do, so v5 is perfectly fine for me. We’re running v6 now, but we really don’t even need that.

Use of Solution

I’ve been running it for more than a year now.

Stability Issues

We have to get another host because of growth, and I had some issues with my backup software in the beginning, and since then, it’s been running great.

Scalability Issues

We’re growing only because we’re realizing that we need to switch from physical to virtuals, plus we are launching a few new products causing for new products. Now we’re going from two to three hosts. They’ve been great so far.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I would’ve said it was excellent until the last case. vSphere was running a bit slow, and the last case it took the guys weeks to get back to me. It was a minor issue. and perhaps that was why. The diagnostic logs were sent, and it took weeks before they got back to me.

Initial Setup

I had help, but I would say it was fairly straightforward. At that time, I hadn’t even been to a class, so it was very new to me.

Implementation Team

We had two vendors come in, and one was quoting a SAN that was ridiculously expensive (I don’t remember who), but the other vendor, which was BPI information systems, came in with a cheaper SAN solution, because that’s where your cost is. We ran it and we’ve had no problems. My environment’s probably smaller than an enterprise, however.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

The cost of hardware and maintenance is something we always look at. I was am one person, and it was getting too complicated to keep the physical servers running for, so we needed to switch to virtualization.

Other Solutions Considered

I reviewed Hyper-V, but everybody uses VMware. We really only looked at VMware though as consultants recommended it. I knew I wanted to go there.

Other Advice

The support could be a bit better. I would do the same thing that I do.

I don’t have a very big network because I’m so busy, but I count on my consultants and information system networks a lot. After, I’ll research a lot on the internet to back up what we’re doing.

Which version of this solution are you currently using?

Essentials 6
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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