VMware vSphere Review

We're able to virtualize hundreds of servers at as low a cost as possible, with planned implementation of Operation Management and, perhaps, VSAN as well.

Valuable Features

  • The ability to virtualize hundreds of servers
  • Hardware cost

Improvements to My Organization

We are a small company so having a solution that bring the costs as low as possible is the most valuable thing.

Room for Improvement

Right now, I’m looking to implement v6 with Operation Management so that would be the next step, and maybe VSAN as well.

Stability Issues

It's pretty stable, coupled with good performance.

Scalability Issues

Really high.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Luckily we have never had to use them – that says a lot.

Previous Solutions

We have always been using vSphere.

Initial Setup

Setup was very straightforward.

Implementation Team

We implemented on our own.

Other Solutions Considered

To be honest, I didn’t try Microsoft, or Citrix, so it's difficult to compare, but I'm used to it and it works – works great.

Other Advice

Compatibilities with software, with OS, we have some applications that are only running on XP and 32 bits. You need to do some research to make it work.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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