VMware vSphere Review

Delivery time for a server resource to the organization has been reduced from weeks to minutes, though I'd like to see an additional licensing model based on size restraints rather than function.

Valuable Features

It's a stable product, e.g. if I lose the entire SAN all the VMs still run. They might pause but only after they try to write to disk. After the SAN has been reconnected, VMs resume as if nothing happened.

Improvements to My Organization

As I work as a consultant for Advania Sweden, I meet a lot of different customers with different challenges. But all customers can agree that delivery time for a server resource to the organization has been reduced from weeks to minutes.

Room for Improvement

I would like to see an additional licensing model based on size restraints rather than functionality. Also, a foundation licensing model that includes both NSX (Network virtualization) and VSAN (SAN virtualization) but with size restrictions. Then my SMB customers could benefit from our large customers' features.

Use of Solution

I’ve been using VMware’s virtualization solutions since 2001, and I haven’t found a more sturdy solution yet, and I have tried most of them out there. Due to its stability, it’s one of the cheapest, if you look at the total operating cost. You can even replace the underlying hardware without downtime.

Deployment Issues

None, and I do all my deployments from either USB or PXE.

Stability Issues

Only one time due to a bad third-party network driver, but here VMware’s technical support showed it’s colors and the matter was resolved quickly and smoothly.

Scalability Issues

Not yet, but I haven’t gone full scale yet with VM in the 10K area.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

They respond to emails quickly and resolve my problems (most licensing issues in the past).

Technical Support:

As well as the network issue, when we had to restore a SQL database with the wrong parameters they sorted it out.

Previous Solutions

I’ve tried a lot of different solutions, as a consultant my specialty is incident and disasters, I've been assisting in trouble shooting and most of then had switch to VMware due to it’s reliability.

Initial Setup

If you don’t have a complex infrastructure you can do a next, next, finish installation and it would run fine.

Implementation Team

I always install it myself since I like to run the latest software before i go to production. If there are any hiccoughs, I like to deal with them in pre-production, rather than finding them when I upgrade later on.


My customers ROI lies between three and nine months.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

When you do a budget make sure to include administration time, what level of SLA they require and based on that choose right level of features.

Other Solutions Considered

  • OracleVM
  • Citrix Xen
  • Proxmox
  • Hyper-V

Other Advice

  • Make sure you have a strategy so you could utilize a hybrid cloud solution as you grow.
  • Build your segments as managers and users
  • Look beyond licensing cost and calculate administration and support time
  • Make sure you have a good naming strategy that can scale - I had a customer that named his hosts after the seven sins in the bible, so when he needed to grow beyond seven hosts he had to invent an eighth.
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