WalkMe Review

It's saved our Implementation and Subject Matter Expert teams countless hours of work, but it runs a little slowly at times, which can be frustrating to our fast-paced users.

Valuable Features

With the ability to use Shoutouts, Lauchers, as well as Onboarding, we have the ability to really drive Training into our end users and keep them updated on new enhancements and training opportunities. Onboarding alone has saved our Implementation and Subject Matter Expert teams countless hours of work in demos and training calls.

Analytics, allows our Implementation teams to keep our end users accountable in their own personal training sessions.

Improvements to My Organization

Scalability, we now are able to save time for our account managers by being able to provide on the spot solutions to our end users.

Onboarding has replaced, and enhanced our previous training module for new Clients and internal hires.

Shoutouts have allowed us to fill up In Office Training sessions in hours rather than days/weeks.

Room for Improvement

Increased Speed is always welcome, but that is with anything that is web-based. Additionally it would be wonderful to have the Analytics, which are amazing, be able to sync seamlessly into Salesforce to run reports out of.

Use of Solution

8 Months

Deployment Issues

We have not found any real issues with deployment that would have been WalkMe's doing. With all new software solutions there are bumps in the road but WalkMe has always been there to help us make anything right that we ran into.

Stability Issues

Occasionally the system runs a little slowly, which can be frustrating to some of our fast paced end users, but that is more due to the robust number of Walk Thrus our team has created.

Scalability Issues

The only issue would be decreased speed due to the large amount of Walk Thrus we have created. But the Scalability it provided our service teams is far and above the issues with speed that we experience in house.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Wonderful, our Client Success Manager is always available and great to work with. We have also had some great experiences with the general Support team. Even their programmers are willing to jump on the line with us if we have any issues we can't figure out with our CSM.

Technical Support:

The support staff is amazing. It seems like they are always available to answer any questions I shoot their way. Not only do they always have solutions they are constantly following up to ensure we not experiencing the same issues.

Previous Solutions

We did not use a previous solution, this was a much more cost efficient option for us rather than creating our own solution.

Initial Setup

Since our situation is a little unique there were issues in the beginning with initial set up. But with help from internal programming and WalkMe's programming we were able to find the best solution and roll it out quickly.

Implementation Team

I believe we went In-house, and had a wonderful experience. Any issues we may have experienced were cleaned up shortly.


Our return on this investment with walkme is enhanced user interface, and saved time for our service teams. Overall this tool has saved time and sanity.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Just to be in communication with your CSM or sales team, they helped us with our pricing structure as making sure we were aware of reaching new breakpoints

Other Solutions Considered

We researched a few others, but they went out of business while researching and found WalkMe to always be the top of the market.

Other Advice

USE EVERYTHING! all of their tools are amazing and interactive to help spread the good word your company is trying to portray.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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