WalkMe Review

It's been a game-changer for how we handle systems training internally, although the editor functionality could use some improvement.

Valuable Features

The ability to work across integrated systems and build the WalkThrus so that they can start from various steps in the process has been extremely beneficial for us. The other feature we've used quite a bit is the launchers. These have been a great way for us to connect policy and procedure answers with system navigational support. WalkMe has made important contributions toward our ability to offer our customers an integrated solution!

Improvements to My Organization

The WalkThrus have been a huge help to us in supporting our customers' employees and their ability to use our systems. They have also been a game changer for how we handle systems training internally.

Room for Improvement

Speed has sometimes been an issue for us. The WalkThrus can't load until the system does so sometimes when both are slow the result can be very frustrating to the user.

Also, the editor functionality could use some improvement. With a library of over 120 WalkThrus, the single layer of tags is not sufficient for our needs to organize and sort WalkThrus. I'd like to see a multilayered filtering system to help us manage our library.

Finally, I'd like to see the need to dig into jquery eliminated. That level of knowledge is generally beyond the expertise of someone in the role of building these and there should be a way the tool can fill in that gap.

Use of Solution

1 year

Deployment Issues

The largest issue we had with deployment was around appropriate resourcing. The WalkThrus are simple to use when complete but building them takes time and technical savvy. Building them to be resilient enough to handle any user behavior without breaking and doing a full suite of testing on them is time consuming. We have had someone devoted all most full time to this effort over the last year.

Stability Issues

Not huge issues but sometimes the WalkThrus behave differently 2 times in a row during testing.

Scalability Issues

Mainly the issues mentioned above around managing the WalkThrus behind the scenes. We sometimes have to have a few different versions of the same WalkThru (where client configuration differs) and the tags are not sufficient to help us track and manage versions.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Very high. The WalkMe team has acted as partners to us throughout the process.

Technical Support:

Very high. The technical team has been available to us as needed. I just hope some of the things we've had to ask them for help with will be improved so that customers can do them on their own (like the jquery issue).

Previous Solutions


Initial Setup

Complex in the need for technical savvy and time to set up. The time needed to get started was far beyond what the sales team described in the sales process.

Implementation Team

In house.


We are just setting up analytics now and will be tracking that in coming months.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Just to be clear re: the level of resources needed internally to be successful.

Other Solutions Considered

I was not part of that process so I can't speak to it.

Other Advice


Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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