WatchGuard XTM [EOL] Review

The SSL VPN remote feature is great, but we needed two-factor authentication, and had to employ a third-party product.

Valuable Features

I have found the GUI interface to be invaluable, as it is very intuitive and easy to manage. Additionally, with a little searching on the WatchGuard support page, you can easily find answers to most of your questions.

Improvements to My Organization

Using the SSL VPN features has allowed us to set up a robust and secure remote access feature. Additionally, setting up a single interface as optional, allows us to setup a secure DMZ segment.

Room for Improvement

Using the SSL VPN remote feature is great, but we additionally needed two-factor authentication, and employed a third-party product. An in-house WatchGuard solution would have been preferable.

Use of Solution

I have administrated this device for two years.

Deployment Issues

It was in place and operational when I took over as administrator. However, there have been little-to-no issues as I have developed and expanded it's capabilities. This has included adding branch-office VPN tunnels, secure remote access, IPS, DMZs, etc.

Stability Issues

When I first took over as administrator, it was common to "reboot the firewall" to overcome any connection/communication issues with a particular VoIP vendor (running across HTTPS). After upgrading the firmware, this issue went away. Aside from this potentially being a WatchGuard issue, I have experienced nothing similar and it is very stable.

Scalability Issues

Thus far, we have had no scalability issues. We are a call center running about 200 agents on a 50Mb connection, and have plenty of band-width, memory, and processing power.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Customer service has provided accurate and timely responses. If they do not have the specific answer(s) at their finger tips, they will either redirect you to the right department, and/or research it themselves, depending on what is needed.

Technical Support:

Technical is pretty good as long as you are covered with a support contract. Even without one, their documentation and blogs have pretty good info.

Previous Solutions

Personally, my previous experience related to Cisco products, and home routers.

Other Advice

I believe those with router/firewall experience would find this product a great solution for these looking for a UTM device. It has a great feature set which to choose from.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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