WebRatio Review

Ability to automatically publish fully fledged web applications is valuable but interfaces are not very well developed

Valuable Features:

Ability to automatically publish (standard Java code) fully fledged web applications, including interfaces (forms, buttons etc). Ability to seamlessly design a data model that can be integrated with existing data models.

Improvements to My Organization:

I have accelerated the purchase-to-pay process and eliminated major delays and bottlenecks, increased approval transparency via audit trails, while reducing support personnel.

Room for Improvement:

Interfaces are still not very well developed. Scripts on the same web page conflict with each other and this requires careful consideration of the process and application logic, which should not be the case.

Use of Solution:

More than 1 year.

Previous Solutions:

Not in this case. In the past, I have used Sharepoint, Websphere, Lotus Notes Domino custom processes, Mercury and Bonita.

Initial Setup:

Very straightforward: it took 6 weeks from zero ideas to process being online, populated with data, integrated with legacy systems and a trained organization to support/exploit it.

Implementation Team:

Vendor team, very good level of expertise.

Cost and Licensing Advice:

Less than 15k EUR. Day-to-day support is on average less than 500 EUR per month.

Other Solutions Considered:

I did evaluate more expensive commercial solutions (Websphere, Oracle BPM), less expensive commercial solutions (Intalio, Tibco) and opensource solutions (Bonitasoft).

I chose to settle for an academic solution (WebRatio) that meets my licensing requirements at a very low cost while still providing solid local support via partner.

Other Advice:

  1. Get a strong partner. Don't waste money on licenses, but on services from that partner.
  2. Don't forget about your data. A process model without a data model is useless.
  3. Get a solution that also does execution over web. Nothing else will help you in the future.
Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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