Wireshark Review

"Best Packet Analyzer, report generator, and troubleshooter."

Valuable Features:

• This software analyzes network packets in detail and displays a detailed view of the network packets, highlighting any malware and suspicious software • Users (network administrators) can easily identify and troubleshoot any network problems that are visible in the packet data • It works with a large number of protocols • The network packet analysis report is saved in multiple formats including XML, PS, TXT & CSV. • Network packets can be captured from various media types • When combined with GeoIP, you have the edge to capture traffic on a country basis • Open source tool that can be customized to user preferences • Protocol based color coding enabled • User-friendly layout • Supported with GUI interface

Room for Improvement:

• Wireshark does not allw you to make any changes relevant to the network. In other words, you can only observe the network.

Other Advice:

Wireshark is a dynamic software that has developed and adapted to the latest technology advancements and network challenges. It helps network administrators in conducting their packet analysis on a regular basis. Because of its detailed reports, Wireshark enables users to identify and troubleshoot network issues at a glance.
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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