Wrike Review

Wrike gets everyone on the same page

Valuable Features:

Collaboration tools, document attachments, subtasks, deadlines, time tracking, and mobile apps

Improvements to My Organization:

It has allowed us to track highly collaborative projects (especially in editorial work) without letting important steps fall through the cracks. It has also made document management much easier than email.

Room for Improvement:

The user interface takes some adjustment. It could be more intuitive.

Use of Solution:

About 2 years.

Deployment Issues:

You must make sure you have buy-in from your key people. Wrike is a good tool, but it still requires follow through from those accountable for various tasks.

Previous Solutions:

We tried two or three other project management tools before we tried Wrike. Wrike was the only one in our price range that has a complete feature set for those managing projects our size.

Other Advice:

We've been using Wrike for 2+ years now. We have a creative/editorial team of about 15 scattered throughout our building and offsite, but we work on some highly collaborative projects. We tried several tools before we tried Wrike, but Wrike had the features we needed at the price we could afford.

We've found the mobile apps, subtasks, deadlines, discussion threads, time tracking, and subtask management to be the most useful. The UI is a little unintuitive at first and requires some basic training.

As always with a project management tool, buy-in is the most important part. You still need people who are willing to get organized and assign/accept accountability. If you have that, this tool is very good at helping you see who is accountable for what by what deadline.

Since we do a lot of editorial projects, it has been very helpful for tracking and discussing revisions while making sure everyone is looking at the most current version.

The interface could still be improved, but I think the toolset has been just what we need for our current scale.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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