Wrike Review

The fact its environment is like a social network is valuable.

Valuable Features

The best features for me are -

  • The environment is just like a social network
  • The easy way to create a task in the tool
  • It has an easy way to delegate a task
  • The way that you scope your task

Improvements to My Organization

You can document all the projects inside the company. The systems we used before were to hard to use but this one is easy, by comparison. Therefore, people don't get crazy at the point of documenting or commenting inside the jobs or task.

Room for Improvement

  • Costs
  • The way to handle inventory inside projects

Use of Solution

I started using it three years ago.

Deployment Issues

No we didn't.

Stability Issues

None encountered yet.

Scalability Issues

None encountered yet.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

The customer service is great, but it is not perfect but they really help you. Also, in the forums about Wrike, you can find a lot of tips to use that can make your usage more efficient.

Technical Support:

They are good people who really help you.

Previous Solutions

Redmine and Netsuite, were so hard to use, and sometimes difficult, besides poor performance.

Implementation Team

The vendor has a great level of expertise, and they really know the tool. If we have got questions, they get us the answers.

Other Solutions Considered

We evaluated Wrike alongside our previous solutions of Netsuite and Redmine.

Other Advice

Wrike is a powerful tool to make a project a success, in my own opinion, for small and medium projects. With the kind of tasks you can do in some large projects, you can integrate your team members all around the world with Wrike. It has an easy to use web interface, just like a social network, is easy to delegate tasks to your team, and to complete the project well. If you want to implement some kind of small PMO and learn a lesson in integration, you need to use Wrike.

Overall, I would simply say use it, and give a Wrike a chance.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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