XenMobile Review

​Gave the company the option to implement BYOD for mobile phones, but The MTC was very finicky.

Valuable Features

  1. Ease of deployment to end users.
  2. Profile deployment to setup email, wifi etc.
  3. Secure Mail Gateway was very useful for companies trying to control who accessed their email.

Improvements to My Organization

Gave the company the option to implement BYOD for mobile phones. Also helped with companies who were providing phones the capabilities to easily deploy a phone as well as to securely delete the data if the phone went missing or policies were being broken.

Room for Improvement

  1. The Multi-Tenant component (MTC) was very finicky to get up and running and upgrades was hit and miss. If you were dealing with a single site it was fairly straight forward as long as you rebooted the system before doing any significant changes like upgrades or certificate changes.
  2. With Citrix taking over, the XenMobile name is a bundling of other products (ShareFile/XenMobile Apps, NetScaller, etc) which makes this a very difficult setup in a single environment and impossible to deploy a full "XenMobile" experience as a Manage Services offering.

Use of Solution

2.5 years. Basically from 2012 to mid 2014.

Deployment Issues

As a MTC it was a problem to get up and running initially. It also had a lot of problems with certificates but again it came to being very selective on the trusted root authority.

Single deployment has generally been fine.

Stability Issues

The MTC It had undocumented memory requirements so even though we had enough memory for the number of devices, the number of tenants meant we had regular crashes until that was fully realised by their support.

Scalability Issues


Customer Service and Technical Support

Technical support was good.

Previous Solutions

Didn't use any other product.

Initial Setup

MTC is complicated as it required a top level service to manage the tenants and that was difficult to get running.

Single tenant (in-house) was easy.

Implementation Team

In-house with technical support.


As I said we sold this product as a manage service offering. I'm not sure on the companies return on investment.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Unknown setup cost but we spent a lot of hours getting it running.

Other Solutions Considered

Back in 2012 we compared this to Sophos offering (hands on). On paper we compared this product to Mobile Iron.

Other Advice

I still think XenMobile MDM is a leading solution for Mobile Device Management but its bundling with the other XenMobile Apps and NetScaller makes it very difficult to implement. You (as a solution provider) need to be a Citrix house to get to the right resources. If you are looking to implement MDM just understand the full solution from Citrix is expensive and complicated. However the basic MDM with Secure Mail Gateway is not nearly as difficult and still provides features that other MDM providers don't.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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