XenServer Review

Highly recommended for virtualization, as it deals effectively with data backup, data recovery, and data storage.

Valuable Features:

• Simple and highly optimized performance • Distinctive storage integration characteristic, through which the administrator directly leverages characteristics of industry’s most important arrays. • XenServer backup and recovery pursues an agent based strategy. Using this, the client can gain an application level of understanding. • This server utilizes sophisticated WLB, which confines Central Processing Units, memory, disk Input/output, and network Input/output data. It also gives two optimization modes. • Presents an exclusive characteristic of provisioning services, which offer streamlined supervision and considerable storage saving. • It is examined and controlled by the XenCenter which may be installed on one or more windows personal computers or servers, which means there is no load on the XenServer host. • Provides an excellent free virtualization suite compared to other servers and has top performance for Windows and Linux OS.

Room for Improvement:

• Bigger footprint than VMware, along with dependence on Linux in Dom. • There are only some noteworthy areas. Also, it requires or depends in some cases, added characteristics on third party solutions.

Other Advice:

Selecting any server virtualization solution, more often than not, relies on the client’s particular needs and on hand development tools & communication. XenServer offers some free, but limited solutions like the licensing, hardware, management applications, and services and characteristics, but support has a high price if the full function version is required. In the case of the free version, XenServer offers an excellent virtualization solution, more so than other servers.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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Free version only supports one guest machine on the host. So, you probably have to purchase licenses if you really want to use Xen features.