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Yammer Review
It certainly appears to be the best of this growing group of internal micro-blogging tool

As one of Yammer's first paying customers (albeit not in HE) I have quite a lot of experience with it. In general, it certainly appears to be the best of this growing group of internal micro-blogging tools. It's free for any size of network (as long as you don't need the additional security features).

I saw our network grow very, very fast organically – but there comes a point where it has to 'cross the chasm' in order to become a valuable business tool for everybody. And that's where the rubber hits the road, because – just like any other tool, system or process – it then needs management support, proper communication, use cases, and people who look after the community that it creates.

So, my take would be: trial it (it won't cost you anything), but don't expect it to have any meaningful impact without further thinking, resource and investment behind it.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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We piloted Yammer at my company for three months and had a very difficult time getting people to use the tool. Many people logged in once, then never came back. Since then, we implemented Jive and the result has been much better. Yammer relies completely on users self-organizing to create an emergent information structure. Jive allows that, but also has some top-down capabilities to allow community managers to design overview pages and high level structure. Every company is different, but this approach is working much better with my organization.

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