Zabbix Review

Highly recommended open source monitoring software for servers and network monitoring

Zabbix provides flexible functionality over Nagios and other open source monitoring softwares like opennms, zenoss etc. It is widely used in market these days due to its easy administration and configuration.

Pros:-  1. Zabbix provides a user friendly GUI interface for administration and configuration for monitoring servers and network. 

2. Zabbix is open source software, so no licenses needs to be purchased. 

3. Zabbix clients can be configued easily by installing Zabbix client software on client machines on the network. Zabbix client machines can be of either windows, linux or any unix machine. 

4. User parameters can be configured for customized scripts. 

5. Configuration/administration documentations are available on official web site of Zabbix and videos/additional documentations are also available on other popular websites like youtube etc.

Cons:- 1. Installation is little complex, tedious, time consuming and prone to user errors. However, once installed, it provides user friendly interface for all administrative tasks. 

2. Some scripting knowledge is required in order to make changes to configuration files. 

3. Adding custom services requires reloading the config or restarting the service.

Alternate Vendors:- Nagios, Zenoss, Cacti !!

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Engineer at a tech vendor with 51-200 employeesVendor

I'm really confused by your assertion in Cons #3 & 4.
RE: #3, Are you referring to adding custom UserAgent configurations? If so, yes, those do require a restart of the agent. But adding devices? That does not require a restart.

RE:#4, Your assertion that autodiscovery is not available and in development is incorrect. I've been using Autodiscovery since 1.6. It works quite well within the limits it has (it won't detect everything you could possibly imagine or want, but does anything?). The low-level discovery added in 2.0 is a huge improvement to the auto-discovery setup and it also works well. I've written several auto-discovery scripts to extend "auto-discovery" into areas not included by Zabbix. It is 100% usable now, not "still in development stage," even though the dev team continues to improve auto-discovery for future versions.

08 July 13
Operations Expert at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employeesVendor

I have heard from some people that Zabbix is more good than bad. Have you heard anything about Anturis? What do you think about the tool?

14 July 13
Project Manager at a non-tech company with 10,001+ employeesConsultantTOP REVIEWER

I have not used Anturis, but I have heard that this is very good monitoring tool for cloud servers.

20 July 13
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