Zarafa Review

A great alternative for Exchange at a fraction of the costs

Pros ------- + Drop in replacement for exchange + Open-source runs on linux + Lower hardware requirements + Outlook support + A fraction of the license costs + blackberry and active sync support + exchange migration tools + Online documentation Cons ------- + webapp is replacing webaccess but is still missing some features. Experiences ----------------- As a zarafa partner we can count on great support from Zarafa. Depolyment is easy, dependencies are automatic taken care of and the online documentation is great Business Metrics ------------------------ Zarafa is a fraction of the cost what u would pay for exchange also hardware requirements are much lower. One of our clients is running quite easy 350 users on a single machine. Alternatives Vendors ----------------------------- Zimbra is the other alternative with commercial support. Reason we prefer Zarafa is that it wil not touch the postfix or other components so security wise a better choice.
Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Could you please provide me with the contact information for the sales team or give me an idea regarding licensing costs? Can we use Zimbra free of cost?

20 April 14
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