Zerto Review

Truly simple data replication.

Valuable Features

ZVR is very simple to setup and administer. Out of the box it just works and allows me to set my replication source and destinations and nearly forget it. Our RPOs are generally 5 seconds on a replicated base of 4Tb so we have only a very small data loss in the event of needing to recover.

Now that v4.5 has been released, I have the ability to recover individual files in the event of accidental deletion or even encryption by Ransomware. This ensures that data is easily recovered no matter when it is deleted, ensuring that files that have been created and deleted in the same day and prior to backup are recoverable easily.

And, perhaps more importantly, out of the box ZVR allows me to test the failover whenever I want to verify that my systems can come up as expected.

Use of Solution

I have been a user of Zerto Virtual Replication for 1 year.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Technical Support at ZVR is very good. Any calls are promptly responded to and dealt with to resolution. The support personnel are very knowledgeable on the product.

Initial Setup

Initial setup is very straight forward. You simply create a group and populate your machines into the group, select a destination and voila ZVR does the rest.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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