Zoho Reports Review

The ability to create summary views with multiple filters that could be manipulated was very helpful.

Valuable Features

There were some small things that were a challenge to learn (e.g. accessing data sets to make charts with once they were uploaded), however overall the product was fairly easy to use.

Being able to work on data sets and charts with multiple people, as well organize data into separate folders were both helpful features for working with a team. The ability to create summary views with multiple filters that could be manipulated was also very helpful for making data easy to retrieve and communicate to others.

Improvements to My Organization

This product was used to create a Capacity Report, with most of the work being done by people with limited data experience (or whose experiences were from long ago). Unlike other data programs, Zoho was fairly intuitive and allowed us to get started on our work with minimal training. It also allowed us to keep large amounts of data organized and retrievable once we were ready to write the report.

Room for Improvement

I remember that cleaning up data was a challenge, and on several occasions we had to upload data sets again after making changes in another program. The pivot tables also took little bit of time to get used to, particularly when choosing which variable to put where and which functions to apply. One feature I wish Zoho has was a tool to determine statistical significance, which would have made analyzing data easier, although I think this is outside what the program is intended for.

Use of Solution

From May 2014 to August 2014.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

I don't remember even needing to use customer service so I cannot comment here.

Technical Support:

Zoho had a lot of great tutorials to get us started right away without going through lengthy written out "how to" guides online. The language used in these videos was not super specialized and could be understood by someone with minimum data experience.

Previous Solutions

We did not work seriously with another solution prior to choosing Zoho.

Initial Setup

The initial setup needed to start working with a data set took some time, but challenges encountered never seemed insurmountable given the resources provided by Zoho. For example, learning how to manipulate data in different kinds of tables took some time but with after playing around some with the different options, it was easy to get the program to do what we needed it to do.

Implementation Team

I am not entirely sure but I am fairly sure we did not use a vendor.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

I am fairly sure we purchased the $50 per month standard option.

Other Solutions Considered

In addition to Zoho, we also considered using Google Fusion tables, SPSS, and Crystal Reports. (I know, these are all very different kinds of data programs, but we were still figuring out our needs!) Unfortunately, the charts on Fusion tables were not as user-friendly Zoho's and we could not upload enough cases for our needs. SPSS was out of our price range and required too much training and know-how. I honestly can't remember the exact reason we did not use Crystal Report.

Other Advice

I imagine that someone who is much more data-literate than myself would find this product limiting. However for someone with little data experience this was a convenient solution with many user- friendly features and options for sharing data among team members and making data accessible and communicable.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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