3CX Room for Improvement

Mojtaba Docharkhehsaz
It could be better in terms of providing more options for call recording. View full review »
President & Primary Consultant at Techception Inc
No issues with the solution, except its services require a business model change. The same small consultants they evolved/grew with are no longer a priority. It's now a sales game, and they are strong-arming the small guys to grow and sell their product. If you don't, then you're left in the cold. This is bad thing for them and my customers prefer the total service that I provide to them. Eventually, my customers will move away from 3CX and move to another trusted adviser who provides more than just a phone system administration. View full review »
Bart Austin
Sr. IT Consultant at Carolina InfoTech
It needs the option for the CS rep to stop recording when a credit card number is recited by the customer. View full review »