What is 3i Infotech ORION?

ORION Enterprise ERP helps you simultaneously drive growth and sustain competitive advantage in the face of global competition, forces of market consolidation, high stakeholder expectations, talent crunch and compliance mandates. It helps you build agile business processes for now and the future, aligns your business segments to work together to achieve peak performance, and provides you with industry-specific solutions for business insights, operational excellence and innovation.

ORION ERP software is your expert partner who understands your business and works for your success. A fully integrated multi-user, enterprise solution, it delivers powerful functionalities through seamless interaction between modules.

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User Assessments By Topic About 3i Infotech ORION

Before 2005, we were using a DOS based software. This software was installed way back before I joined. It was based on a distributed database and needed to be consolidated every alternate day and many times at the end of the month due to mismatches. Also, the depots could change the documents after sending data to head office. This created a problem of mismatch between head office data and warehouse data. Also, there was no control on inventory as it allows negative stock invoicing. This allows the depot to do invoicing without stock receipt entries. Warehouses enter all receipts at the month end in which they forgot to enter a few. For the sales module, the software did not have the option for rate updates by customer type, by state, etc. Also, the schemes (free quantity along with the main product) and taxes were not automatic. At the head office, the posting was a manual process for inventory, sales, and finance. The software also did not have a proper stock transfer issue and receipt process. At that time, we had 14 warehouses and three modules each for a single warehouse to be posted manually. It was a tedious task. Due to all these problems, it was difficult to process financial data when it is required urgently. We used to prepare profit/loss statements and the balance sheet on the 20th of the next month for previous month. All these problems necessitated the need to install a new Integrated ERP system for getting data and information on time for the management to make informed decisions. We made a panel consisting of key department people to review various software systems. Orion was one of three that we shortlisted. We selected Orion for a few main reasons: * All of our requirements were available * It uses Oracle * It provides complete control of information * Documents are strictly locked after processing * All module configurations are parameterized The IT team got trained on Orion at their office and we mapped our processes in the system with the help of 3i-Infotech’s consultants. This helped our IT team to understand the software. The rollout was smooth, as we ran the software parallel with old software for six months. This parallel run helped users to get used to the software without any additional pressure.

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