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What is 40Cloud?

The 40Cloud solution makes your public cloud private by building a new virtual private network over your Cloud deployment. This private network uses private and consistent IP addressing and encrypted communication, and is therefore unreachable from any other network. 40Cloud enables you to define and enforce the access rights to your Virtual Private Cloud network by using authentication, authorization and firewall technologies.

Using 40Cloud, the Gateways are the only entry-points to your cloud network. All employees or contractors (remote users) accessing your cloud servers will have their identity authenticated at the Gateways. The Gateways are also the enforcement point of your Access Control Policies. Remote users connect to the Gateways using standard IPsec VPN technology. The Gateways are self installed, typically one Gateway per data-center or isolated cloud network (an isolated cloud network is a private IP subnet with a layer 2 separation construct, e.g VLAN).

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