A10 Networks Thunder ADC Operations Efficiency

How has the solution affected your operations efficiency? Please provide examples.

Shiven Singh
Network Manager at a university with 1,001-5,000 employees
It helps us operational when had our DDoS attack. We got a call at two o'clock in the morning one day from one of our service providers that there was a DDoS attack happening against one of our IPs. We looked at the way our network was configured, then we looked into the best way to mitigate it. We knew that our A10 had the capability, but we didn't have it enabled at the time. We called support and were able to get it enabled. Immediately, we stopped that DDoS attack. From an operational perspective, we had a down situation that we were able to quickly resolve it.
It helps out a lot, from an operational perspective, when we are load balancing our servers, whether application or web. It is real easy to do a maintenance window. I can go into any of my service groups, then take the servers out of the service group and do maintenance on half of the servers while the other half are still online. I can get all those updated, back up to date, and put all of them back, then take the other half out and update them. So, it allows us to do seamless updates to our servers and application infrastructure.
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Senior Network Engineer at a recreational facilities and services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
It does improve operational efficiency.
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IgorVan Den Ouden
Network Architect at a retailer with 201-500 employees
The effect of the solution on our efficiency is that before, we only had round-robin DNS load balancing capabilities, with no health-checking, for example. Or we would have to use network-based load balancing from Microsoft. All that can bring a network down quite quickly, if you configure things incorrectly. With A10, we have a very robust load balancing solution that is capable, like F5, of iRule or aFleX scripting. You can influence the complete packet instead of just a few bytes or bits of the packets, depending on whether it's http or another Layer 4 to Layer 7 traffic flow.
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