A10 Thunder TPS Scale Defenses

Does the solution enable you to scale defenses? If yes, please explain with examples.

Bart van der Sloot
Managing Director Leaseweb Network at Leaseweb
The fact that there are different sizes of equipment, all with the same technology and the same processes for managing them, is very helpful for us. If you look at our smallest data center worldwide, it's location which generates around ten gigabits per second of outbound traffic. That typically means about one or two gigabits of inbound traffic. Our larger data centers generate around 1.7 terabits per second of traffic. That's a lot more. And with one family of products, we can still protect both the smaller data centers as well as our larger locations. So far, the systems do what we expect them to do and they scale as we expect them to scale.
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SOC Manager at a media company with 1,001-5,000 employees
It enables us to scale defenses. We can go up to eight boxes at each location, with the current configuration that we have.
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