A10 Thunder TPS Team Productivity

Does the solution’s automation make your team more productive or efficient? If yes, please describe.

Bart van der Sloot
Managing Director Leaseweb Network at Leaseweb
The solution's automation also has the effect that the systems are very low-maintenance. That means that we can free up our people to do other work.
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Raphael Maunier
Co-Founder at Acorus Networks
The automation makes our team more efficient and productive. We are distributed and don't use the A10 Portal. It's easy for us to deploy. E.g., they have an aGalaxy product. Instead of connecting to all the boxes, so we will have the A10 box. We don't want to send a code to all the A10 boxes. We will just send the information to one box: the A10 aGalaxy. This one box will proxy it and send the information all the other boxes. This is exactly what we are doing today. It has improved the way that we are working.
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SOC Manager at a media company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The automation in TPS makes my team more productive. There is less manual work for my team in dealing with attacks, and with other functions as well, because that automation is built-in: An incident is created, the attack is mitigated, and a report is created. There's really zero touch at this point in time for attacks.
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