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A10 Thunder TPS Questions

Sean Rogers
User at self
Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Protection Questions
User at JISL
Jun 02 2021

I'm researching DDoS solutions, and have been looking at F5 and Radware. Are there any other solutions I should be considering? Please also share insights from Gartner.


Etienne WEHRLEYou can have a look to Imperva Cloud WAF, the anti-DDoS mitigation is under 1s… more »
RasmanI highly recommend Cloudflare. We switched from Akamai Prolexic to Cloudflare… more »
Ernesto Rosillo
Founder and Strategic Business Development with 11-50 employees

If you have a CDN, does it mean you don't have to worry about DDoS attacks or will hackers still succeed in carrying out DDoS attacks? 

I'm a VAR/System Integrator and I don't see any problem once you have Cloudflare.

ISRAEL DIAZ DOMINGUEZCDN is not going to help you to avoid DDoS. The main function of a CDN is to… more »
Etienne WEHRLELayer 3 or 4 DDoS are absorbed by the CDN as design (IP, TCP ,UDP), the high… more »
IT Central Station
Jun 02 2021

What is the most valuable feature of the solution you recommend?

reviewer1265880It depends on your infrastructure. The most important is whether it is… more »
IT Central Station

How do CDNs work to mitigate threats?

Etienne WEHRLELayer 3 or 4 DDoS are absorbed by the CDN as design (IP, TCP ,UDP), the high… more »
Ernesto RosilloBecause the CDN have normally a WAF, a reverse proxy and a lot of locations to… more »
IT Central Station
May 01 2021

Is a WAF the best defense against a DDoS attack? What are the most effective ways of protecting a business against DDoS attacks? 

Georges SamahaHello there In order to Talk about DDoS protection, we have at First to split… more »
Ariel Lindenfeld
Sr. Director of Community
IT Central Station
Oct 08 2021

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