Accedian Skylight Initial Setup

Mario Oosters
Network Architect at a recruiting/HR firm with 501-1,000 employees
It's hard for me to say anything about the initial setup because we did it seven years ago. At that point in time, I had some help from them. But it was, in my opinion, pretty easy. This solution is for hardware network or data center guys. It's not for a simple user who is not going to understand anything about it, at first glance anyway. But for the people it's made for, it should be easy for them to figure out what's going on. Putting in capture ports is easy, defining zones, defining VLANS, etc. is easy. As soon as you have done that then you already have something functional, and you get a lot of information out of it. Even starting with a reasonably simple configuration is going to make a huge difference when you start using it for troubleshooting - and you are going to find issues. The question is not whether you will find issues. The question is, do you have time to figure out these issues, and are they your issues? You can fix your issues and send issues that are not network related to the other teams, and let them figure them out, if they have time. The length of time for deployment depends. The last deployment of the new system was pretty much a copy-paste operation. It took less than one day. In the beginning it took me about a week, figuring out configuration. That's another thing that's interesting. You should better think in advance about how you're going to configure all your zones. Zone configuration is interesting for the matrix, and if you don't put your configuration into an easily readable setup, it's going to be hard to get interesting information about that matrix. And that matrix is actually quite interesting to have. It's probably very slow as well because, if you're like me, you have an enormous number of zones, a few hundred zones. It's not so easy to show a matrix with a few hundred zones on the browser. So zone configuration is pretty important. The way I do it is, I have my internet, I have my internal LAN, which I split into voice and into data. I split my data into locations, etc. I can easily see the difference: Is it voice/data, is it client/server, internet/local what is the location...? If you don't do that correctly with sub-zones or the like, it's going to be way harder to figure things out. It has always been me who is the only one who does deployments. My colleagues use Skylight also, but they are more into looking up some stuff. They don't really configure it. Maintenance is also just me but it's pretty easy. If you want a new version, you go to the website. The hardest part is finding the link, where is that .bin file? Sometimes it's pretty hidden in a document. They could put it more easily in Salesforce, because now it's hidden in the release notes or in another file somewhere. And it's usually not on the first page either. Somewhere in the last pages you usually find something like, "Here's the location where you can download the file." I'm not saying it's hard. I'm just saying it's the hardest part. In a way, it's a good thing because you do have to read the release notes. As soon as you find it, you download it and upload it to the machine, wait for it to say it's done, and then you need to reboot. Ten to 15 minutes later, it's working. View full review »
Freelance IT Consultant at SPW (Service Public de Wallonie)
The initial setup was straightforward. It was a fast installation. The deployment took less than five days. We had to identify where to put the probes because we could put them on a physical connection or on virtual connections. We have a network which is quite complex, with more than 200 sites and two data centers. So the first question to answer was where to put the probes. After that was decided it was easy. We put the appliance in the rack and we asked the network team to cable the connection with the router. It was simple. The setup required one person from the external consultant and we dedicated one network engineer for a couple of days. After installation, maintenance of the solution requires half a day per month; maybe four or five days a year. It's minimal. And when there is an update, deploying it is quite straightforward. It's not a big deal, it takes one hour. View full review »
Joel Baczynski
Network Administrator at CHR Citadelle
The initial setup of Skylight is very easy. It takes about ten minutes. In ten minutes the server is running and it's collecting information. That ten minutes is when you have a physical version. For a VMware version it takes about one hour to deploy it, but it's very easy. The initial deployment is easy, but for the rest, day-to-day, there is work: To configure the zones, the critical networks, critical applications, it's day-to-day. The initial setup is easy, but afterward, I worked on it for about an hour every day. The configuration is ongoing. View full review »
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